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Product-Market Fit


Growth Playbook


Our goal is to completely download your vision before starting to work on filling in the holes. 


Who is your ideal client? What is their biggest challenge? We'll surface all we know and begin to enrich the profile.


What is your competition doing about it? Let's dig into their positioning and understand where they fall short.


What does it cost to acquire a client today? Setting up the tracking mechanisms to capture this data early is key.

Unit Economics

Once we know the CAC, working on cost and margin projections will give us a glimpse into the future health of the business.


Pricing is a key demand lever businesses control. Coming up with pricing methodology and a testing plan is next.  


Content, SEO, events, referrals, and social are key channels to make the unit economics work. 


With a well-tested ICP and pricing, setting up sophisticated PPC and PPL campaigns is key.


Let's work on setting up partnerships, reseller channels, and influencer marketing. 

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Who is Alex?

Chief Growth Officer 
Mynd Management Inc

"Over the past year, Osenenko helped Mynd Property Management successfully pivot into the single-family rental (SFR) management space, integrate 12 new markets, and develop the company’s vision, mission, and values. Other key contributions included launching innovative pricing and service guarantees, creating an educational content strategy, improving SEO and lead conversion, and structuring both sales and marketing teams. Alex also co-hosted the Myndful Investor podcast show and led the initiative to launch a COVID-19 Situation Room and Mynd’s Rental Housing Ticker."

Doug Brien, CEO

PM Grow, Inc

PM Grow Summit is the only annual Growth-Focused conference developed for growth-minded Property Management Entrepreneurs. The innovative format, quality of speakers, and top-notch networking set PM Grow apart. Since its inception in 2016, PM Grow sets the standard for the conference experience that deserves your time and investment.

Founder and CEO 
Fourandhalf, Inc

Fourandhlaf is a digital marketing agency for property managers. As a Founder and CEO, Alex took the company from 0 to 30 employees, earning a prestigious Inc.5000 Fastest Growing Companies Award in 2018. In 2019 Alex stepped down from the CEO role to focus on providing individualized growth consulting for proptech entrepreneurs. 

Founder and Host 
"The Property Management Show" Podcast

More than 8,000 people tune in to the show bi-weekly to learn how to run and grow their property management businesses.

Let's win. Together. 

We'll be in touch shortly. Thank you. 

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