Step 1

Define Key Differentiators

What is your niche? Who is your perfect client? Why should they hire You? I've spoken with thousands of property management companies and most have a unique approach of doing business and provide unique value to their clients. Yet, many fail to differentiate themselves. Why? Mostly it's due to fear of limiting the prospect pool. The opposite, in fact, is true: Scale-up or Niche Down

Win Big

STep 2

Develop a pricing strategy

Pricing is one of the most important demand levers that businesses control. When was the last time you've evaluated your pricing strategy? What is stopping you from leading your market with unique, transparent, and simple to understand pricing structure?

Step 3

build a growth Plan

Once the pricing strategy and key differentiators are defined, we'll work on putting together a detailed demand generation plan that identifies and targets Your Perfect Client. The plan will come with the Execution Roadmap:

  • 12 Months Growth Plan

  • Metrics(KPIs) to track progress

  • Oversight through monthly strategy calls 



Who is Alex Osenenko and why should you hire him to help you grow your property management business? 

Let's win. Together.